Go Mobile

Get Your Website Smartphone Ready 

In 2014 it is predicted that all internet Mobile websitesearches by mobile devices including smartphones will overtake personal computers. With over half of your customers searching likely to search online with a mobile your business could miss out on the rapidly growing mobile market.

More and more of our clients are requesting Go Mobile to complement their existing website.

The 5 core benefits that Go Mobile could bring to your business include:

  1. Ensuring customers can easily find what they’re looking for when using the small screen of a smartphone including product and service information and contact details.
  2. Giving your customers the ability to have ‘One Touch’ calling to your business.
  3. A dedicated design that fits perfectly to a small screen thus enhancing the appeal and brand of your business.
  4. Giving you the ability to manage both your existing site and Go Mobile site from the same admin system for easy updates.
  5. Ensuring your existing site and your Go Mobile site are always synchronised with your updates to ensure seamless continuity regardless of how they access your site.

Please either call 0800 932 969 or email enquiries@webz.co.nz to book your Go Mobile site or to get more information.