Ignite your business with social media

If you are using social media to promote your business, ensure that your social media channels are integrated with your website.

External Links to your Social Media Pages

- Social Media Links

Social Media has become very popular in recent years.  Ensure your web visitors can easily find you on facebook, twitter and any other social media mediums you use.  This package enables you to link directly to your social media pages using the above set of popular icons.  All icons are configurable and can be visible or hidden to suit your preferences. 

Facebook Wall

Keep up with the latest in web features and import your facebook wall to your website.  The beauty of this feature is that it feeds information through from your Facebook page so that your website keeps up to date without ever having to touch it! 

All your Facebook posts will be streamed through to your website by adding your Facebook wall (see example opposite).

Twitter Messages

Similar to the Facebook Wall, but for Twitter.  Those of you who are keen tweeters - this is for you!

You Tube Video Clips

Online videos are a popular way to promote what you do.  With this great feature, you can upload your video files to You Tube, so that they host the space/bandwidth required to promote the videos and simply embed the video into your website.

Webz offer a free Facebook setup with any new website.  Find out more...