Online business coaching

Do you want to improve your business results online?  Webz offer group and one-on-one training sessions to businesses who want to be better equipped to manage their online strategy.

Our courses qualify for the NZTE Capability Voucher scheme, entitling you to up to 50% off our usual fees.  

We offer a range of coaching and training courses, such as:

  • Discover your Market - gather business objectives to develop an online marketing growth strategy that leverages long term sustainable economic growth for your business.
  • Get Connected - use the web to deliver the capability identified in the discover your market course.  This is a practical workshop where business owners can implement the online strategies identified in the Discover your Market course.  
  • Ignite your business with Social Media - a practical examination of the various forms of social media & how to develop and implement an online social media growth strategy.
  • How to promote online (eCommerce) - training in hands-on implementation of eCommerce using online strategies that leverage long term sustainable economic growth.
  • Optimiser - training in how to optimise your online capability autonomously, resulting in increased exposure and profit levels
  • Excel Online - Pick a topic! - Thiese courses have been established to allow small businesses to select a specific topic which would add value to their business.  

 Contact the Webz team to find out which topics would be most relevant to your business.